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Last Updated Date (GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/last-updated)

Retrieve the date when the alternative fuel stations data were last updated. This dataset powers the Alternative Fueling Station Locator on the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Request URL

GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/last-updated.format?parameters

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Value Description
format Yes
Type: string
Default: None
Options: json, xml

The output response format.

api_key Yes
Type: string
Default: None

Your developer API key. See API keys for more information.

Response Fields

Field Value Description
Type: datetime

The time the alternative fuel stations data was last updated (ISO 8601 format).


JSON Output Format

GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/last-updated.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY
  "last_updated": "2012-04-06T13:48:16Z"

XML Output Format

GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/last-updated.xml?api_key=DEMO_KEY
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <last-updated type="datetime">2012-04-06T13:48:16Z</last-updated>

Rate Limits

Standard rate limits apply. No more than 1,000 requests may be made in any hour


Standard errors may be returned.

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