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Alternative Fuel Stations

Query our database of alternative fuel stations. This dataset powers the Alternative Fueling Station Locator on the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

This includes biodiesel, compressed natural gas, ethanol, electric charging, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, and propane station locations.

All Stations (GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1)

Return a full list of alternative fuel stations that match your query.

Get Station by ID (GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/:id)

Fetch the details of a specific alternative fuel station given the station's ID.

Last Updated Date (GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/last-updated)

Retrieve the date when the alternative fuel stations data were last updated.

Nearest Stations (GET /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/nearest)

Return the nearest alternative fuel stations within a distance of a given location.

Stations Nearby Route (GET|POST /api/alt-fuel-stations/v1/nearby-route)

Find alternative fuel stations within a distance of a driving route.

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