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Sites Metadata (GET /api/pvdaq/v3/sites)

Fetch metadata for PVDAQ sites.

Request URL

GET /api/pvdaq/v3/sites.format?parameters

HTTP Basic Authentication

You can access public PVDAQ data with just your developer API key. For access to non-public data you must also provide a PVDAQ username and password via HTTP Basic Authentication. For access to non-public data, contact Chris Deline.

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Value Description
format Yes
Type: string
Default: None
Options: json, xml

The output response format. Given in the URL as the file extension.

api_key Yes
Type: string
Default: None

Your developer API key. See API keys for more information.

system_id No
Type: integer
Default: None

Return only the system with the given ID. Will only return systems your PVDAQ user account has access to.

If left empty, all systems available to your PVDAQ user account will be returned.

user_id No
Type: string
Default: None
For PVDAQ admin user accounts only. Return only systems belonging to the given username.

Response Fields

Field Value Description
Type: array

An array of records describing each site.

Type: array

If errors were encountered, a list describing each error. Errors will be returned with an HTTP status code of 422 (Unprocessable Entity).

Type: array

List of warnings, including information about API deprecations.

Type: array

List of additional, non-error information.

Type: record

List of request parameters given.

Type: string

The current version of the web service.


JSON Output Format

GET /api/pvdaq/v3/sites.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY&system_id=2
  "errors": [

  "infos": [

  "inputs": {
    "api_key": "DEMO_KEY",
    "system_id": "2"
  "outputs": [
      "available_years": [
      "comments": null,
      "confidential": false,
      "inverter_mfg": "Fronius",
      "inverter_mfg_hide": false,
      "inverter_model": "IG 4000",
      "inverter_model_hide": false,
      "module_mfg": "Sharp",
      "module_mfg_hide": false,
      "module_model": "ND-208U1",
      "module_model_hide": false,
      "site_power": 2912,
      "site_power_hide": false,
      "module_tech": 2,
      "name_private": "Nelson Home, Golden, CO, Array 1",
      "name_public": "[2] Residential 1a",
      "site_area": 22.82,
      "site_azimuth": 181.2,
      "site_elevation": 1675,
      "site_latitude": 39.7214,
      "site_longitude": 105.0972,
      "site_tilt": 18.5,
      "system_id": 2
  "version": "3.0.1",
  "warnings": [


XML Output Format

GET /api/pvdaq/v3/sites.xml?system_id=2&api_key=DEMO_KEY
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <errors type="array"/>
  <outputs type="array">
      <available-years type="array">
        <available-year type="integer">2011</available-year>
        <available-year type="integer">2012</available-year>
        <available-year type="integer">2013</available-year>
        <available-year type="integer">2010</available-year>
      <comments nil="true"/>
      <confidential type="boolean">false</confidential>
      <inverter-mfg-hide type="boolean">false</inverter-mfg-hide>
      <inverter-model>IG 4000</inverter-model>
      <inverter-model-hide type="boolean">false</inverter-model-hide>
      <module-mfg-hide type="boolean">false</module-mfg-hide>
      <module-model-hide type="boolean">false</module-model-hide>
      <site-power type="float">2912.0</site-power>
      <site-power-hide type="boolean">false</site-power-hide>
      <module-tech type="integer">2</module-tech>
      <name-private>Nelson Home, Golden, CO, Array 1</name-private>
      <name-public>[2] Residential 1a</name-public>
      <site-area type="float">22.82</site-area>
      <site-azimuth type="float">181.2</site-azimuth>
      <site-elevation type="float">1675.0</site-elevation>
      <site-latitude type="float">39.7214</site-latitude>
      <site-longitude type="float">105.0972</site-longitude>
      <site-tilt type="float">18.5</site-tilt>
      <system-id type="integer">2</system-id>
  <warnings type="array"/>
  <infos type="array"/>

Rate Limits

Standard rate limits apply. No more than 1,000 requests may be made in any hour


Standard errors may be returned. In addition, the following service-specific errors may be returned:

HTTP Status Code Description
401 Unauthorized - For access to non-public PVDAQ data, you must also provide a username and password for your PVDAQ account via HTTP Basic Authentication. For login credentials, contact Chris Deline.
422 Unprocessable Entity - An invalid value was given for a query parameter. The response body will describe the specific error.
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