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PVDAQ (PV Data Acquisition)

Provides access to photovoltaic performance data collected by NREL for systems throughout the country.

The PVDAQ mapping application uses this data to help industry and government planners study solar array efficiency.

Aggregated Site Data (GET /api/pvdaq/v3/site_data)

Return aggregated IEC61724 data for a specific PVDAQ system and date range.

Annual Data CSV for a System (GET /api/pvdaq/v3/data_file)

Download a CSV file containing raw data for a specific PVDAQ system for a specific year. The file for the current year is updated as new data comes in. The first row of the CSV contains the field names.

Raw Data (GET /api/pvdaq/v3/data)

Return raw data for a specific PVDAQ system and date range. NOTE: Due to the large amounts of data being logged in some cases, some systems may only be able to return data for a single day at a time, or in some cases, a single hour at a time, without the queries timing out. Alternatively, you can download full-year CSV files of the raw data for systems via the PVDAQ data_file API.

Sites Metadata (GET /api/pvdaq/v3/sites)

Fetch metadata for PVDAQ sites.

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