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Wind Toolkit Data - SAM format (srw) (/api/wind-toolkit/v2/wind/wtk-srw-download)

Collect and download in SAM (System Advisor Model) format a configurable set of data fields from a national collection of wind stations. The Wind Integration National Dataset (WIND) Toolkit is an update and expansion of the Eastern and Western Wind Datasets, and is intended to support the next generation of integration studies. The WIND Toolkit includes meteorological conditions at multiple hub heights for more than 2,488,136 sites in the continental United States for the years 2007–2014.

Request URL

GET /api/wind-toolkit/v2/wind/wtk-srw-download?parameters

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Value Description
api_key Yes
Type: string
Default: None

Your developer API key. See API keys for more information.

lat Yes
Type: point coordinate in wgs84
Default: None
The latitude of the geometry for which to extract data.
lon Yes
Type: point coordinate in wgs84
Default: None
The longitude of the geometry for which to extract data.
hubheight No
Type: Integer
Default: 100
Options: 10, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200
The response data will be at the requested height in meters
year Yes
Type: integer
Default: None
Options: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
The year for which data should be extracted.
utc No
Type: true or false
Default: false
Pass true to retrieve data with timestamps in UTC. Pass false to retrieve data with timestamps converted to local time of data point.
full_name No
Type: string
Default: None
The full name of the user requesting data.
email Yes
Type: email string
Default: None
An active email for the user requesting data. This email will be used to deliver the extracted data.
affiliation No
Type: string
Default: None
The organization with which the user requesting the data is affiliated.
reason No
Type: string
Default: None
The reason that the user is requesting the data.


SRW Format

GET /api/wind-toolkit/v2/wind/wtk-srw-download?api_key={{API_KEY}}&lat=41.23&lon=-81.32&year=2014&
1985361, city??, OH, country??, 2014, 41.23547745, -81.30780029, Not Available, 1, 8760
WIND Toolkit data from NREL downloaded on 2020-6-14
Temperature, Pressure, Speed, Direction
C, atm, m/s, Degrees
100, 100, 100, 100
-7.9, 0.96, 5.64, 275.1
-8.1, 0.96, 5.78, 282.4
-8.2, 0.96, 6.02, 278.5
-8.3, 0.96, 4.03, 282.4
-8.3, 0.96, 3.12, 288.6
-8.4, 0.96, 1.66, 304.2
-8.4, 0.96, 0.96, 3.3
-8.4, 0.96, 0.92, 65.3
-8.4, 0.96, 1.57, 61.1
-8.4, 0.96, 2.22, 69.3

Rate Limits

Rate limits for this application are significantly less than the standard rate limits for This decrease in the limit is required as the data provided through this service is significantly more computationally intensive to generate and provide. These rate limits are carefully calculated to allow all users the maximum throughput that our servers can sustain.

There are several levels of rate limiting for this service. The first limit determines how many requests a given user can make per 24 hour period. For requests utilizing the .csv format this rate limit is set at 5000 a day at a frequency of no more than 1 per second. For all other requests this limit is set at 1000 requests per day at a frequency of no more than 1 every 2 seconds.

Secondly each user is limited to 20 in-flight requests at any given time.

In addition, the service has a fail-safe mechanism to prevent significant performance decreases that can be caused by unexpectedly high usage of the service. This limit will cause the service to stop accepting requests when the queue reaches a point where additional requests will significantly lower server performance. When this limit is hit, the service will error with a message describing that the request queue is full.

For some tips and tricks to maximize data downloads please read the guide here.


For questions about the API or the data models please contact


Standard errors may be returned. In addition, the following service-specific errors may be returned:

HTTP Status Code Description
400 Bad Request: When required parameters are missing.
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