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Site Count (/api/wind-toolkit/v2/site-count)

Determine the number of sites containing data for a given point, polygon, or multipoint as specified by a WKT. This is useful for calculating download request size. Details at the download guide.

Request URL

GET /api/wind-toolkit/v2/site-count.format?parameters

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Value Description
api_key Yes
Type: string
Default: None

Your developer API key. See API keys for more information.

wkt Yes
Type: well-known text string
Default: None
A well-known text (WKT) representation of the geometry for which to extract data. May be a point, multipoint, or polygon geometry. When a point is passed the site nearest to that point is used. When a multipoint is passed the site nearest each point is used. This can be useful for downloading multiple sites in a single request when those sites are geographically distant from each other. When a polygon is passed all sites that intersect with the given polygon are used.

Response Fields

The response is composed of service-related informational fields and the results of the data query.

Field Value Description
Type: string array

A list of error messages

Type: string array

A list of warning messages

Type: Object Hash
Key: Value pairs representing all input parameters
Type: Object Hash
Upon successful completion a list of datasets with a site count for each will be returned.


JSON Output Format

GET /api/wind-toolkit/v2/site-count.json?api_key={{API_KEY}}&wkt=POLYGON((-114.9609375 39.50404070558415,-112.67578124999999 39.50404070558415,-112.67578124999999 38.13455657705411,-114.9609375 38.13455657705411,-114.9609375 39.50404070558415))
    "inputs": {
        "wkt": "POLYGON((-114.9609375 39.50404070558415,-112.67578124999999 39.50404070558415,-112.67578124999999 38.13455657705411,-114.9609375 38.13455657705411,-114.9609375 39.50404070558415))"
    "metadata": {
        "version": "2.0.0",
        "resultset": {
            "count": 1
    "status": 200,
    "outputs": {
        "spectral-india-tmy": 0,
        "suny-india": 0,
        "puerto-rico": 0,
        "suny-india-tmy": 0,
        "india-wind": 0,
        "central-asia-wind": 0,
        "psm3": 1938,
        "wtk": 7123,
        "spectral-ondemand": 1938,
        "psm3-tmy": 1938
    "errors": []

Rate Limits

Standard rate limits apply. No more than 1,000 requests may be made in any hour.


Standard errors may be returned. In addition, the following service-specific errors may be returned:

HTTP Status Code Description
400 Bad Request: When required parameters are missing.
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