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REopt™ API

The REopt™ Application Programming Interface provides programmatic access to REopt web tool back-end. REopt is a techno-economic decision support platform is used by NREL researchers to optimize energy systems for buildings, campuses, communities, microgrids, and more. REopt recommends the optimal mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, and energy storage technologies to meet cost savings, resilience, and energy performance goals.

General information related to REopt can be found at

For user support please use the discussion board at

Users can find more information on the REopt API in the Analysis Wiki.

API developers can find useful information in the API Wiki

There is also a REopt Julia package (which will be the API back-end in v3).

REopt API V1 (GET /api/reopt/v1)

Version 1 is the previous version of the REopt API. It is recommended to use Version 2 instead because it has updated default values.

REopt API V2 (GET /api/reopt/v2 or /api/reopt/stable)

Version 2 is the stable version of the REopt API. Version 2 provides the same cabilities as Version 1 but wih updated default values.

REopt API V3 (GET /api/reopt/dev)

Version 3 is the development version of the REopt API. It uses the REopt Julia package as it's back-end.

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